Standout Brands from inspiring places

  • Isle of Raasay Distillery
  • Isle of Raasay Distillery

We build standout brands from inspiring places with provenance, quality and global appeal at their core.


Chanrossa is a privately owned and independently minded company. Building on over 30 years of entrepreneurial business management and investing experience, we are developing our brands, businesses and complementary investments to grow a long-term and sustainable business that owns premium brands of provenance, quality and global appeal. We wanted to build a company with a longer-term outlook than many typical modern businesses, who may be over focussed on exits and short term returns. We wanted to build something that could live on through future generations, and appreciated all its stakeholders. By creating a group of premium brands we hope to offer opportunities to our employees, access to wider resources and encouragement to learn from one another. We like the idea of devolved creativity within our brand homes balanced with the infrastructure, resource and opportunity that being part of a wider group offers.

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Chanrossa Group Who we are

Chanrossa is a privately owned family business that owns and invests in companies to create value for stakeholders. We focus on transparency and sustainability, and support businesses that promote diversity and allow for the creation and nurturing of long-term global relationships