Carefully curated skincare plans combining natural ingredients with Dermatological expertise

A premium skincare brand 100% made in Italy

Launched in 2023, The Face Planner, is a skincare brand 100% made in Italy. The brand uses small-batch production methods to produce its skincare products and plans using ingredients sourced from the Tuscan brand home and surrounding suppliers of excellence.

The Face Planner combines powerful science and dermatological expertise to create products and skincare plans that are highly effective and gentle on the skin. By selling skincare plans, the brand provides the customer with a more effective and sustainable way of building their skincare collection.

The brand home in Tuscany allows The Face Planner to take an inside-out approach to skincare; hosting retreats that focus on movement, wellness, nutrition and mindfulness, all of which are key to our skin health.

Launched 2023

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